Durable Vertical Boat Lifts in All of Ontario, Quebec, and Northern New York, USA

In times when the weather is not friendly, it is crucial to have the proper marine products handy to protect your boat from damages. Boat lifts offer protection from waves, bad weather and dirt or algae. Contact Dock'Rite Boat Lifts Ltd for durable vertical boat lifts in Ontario, Montreal and surrounding areas. From small to medium-sized boats, we design boat lifts for all.

Standard Features

Some of the standard features of vertical boat lifts include:

  Built with heavy aluminum extrusions designed to last a lifetime
  Dock'Rite vertical boat lifts are designed to handle minimum to maximum water fluctuation with shallow draft and high lifting height
  80% pre-assembled customer-friendly boat lifts
  Adjustable aluminum bunks with vinyl covering
  36" easy-adjustable aluminum legs to level your lift
  Non-corrosive fully enclosed pulleys
  Stainless steel cables and hardware
  Exclusive drop-down, low design is built into every vertical boat lifts
  One-piece lifting beams
  C.N.C. cable winder with electric winch
  Overbuilt construction equals more strength and durability

Vertical Lift Models

At Dock'Rite Boat Lifts Ltd, we have multiple vertical boat lifts to cater to boats of different sizes. Take a look at the table to identify the model best suited for your boat.

Model Capacity Inside Width Weight of Lifts Draft of Lifts Lifting Height Boat Size
DRAL-1200F 1200 lbs 80” 180 lbs 6” 68” 12’ to 16’
DRAL-1500W 1500 lbs 59” 160 lbs 6” 68” water craft
DRAL-2000 2000 lbs 98” 235 lbs 6” 68” 14’ to 16’
DRAL-3000 3000 lbs 104” 420 lbs 8” 68” 16’ to 18’
DRAL-3500 3500 lbs 113” 430 lbs 8” 68” 16’ to 20’
DRAL-4500 4500 lbs 113” 505 lbs 8” 66” 18’ to 22’
DRAL-5500 5500 lbs 113” 523 lbs 8” 66” 20’ to 25’
DRAL-6000 6000 lbs 113” 640 lbs 9” 66” 24’ to 27’
DRAL-6500 6500 lbs 116” 1100 lbs 9” 68” 24’ to 30’