Customs docks in all of Ontario, Quebec, and Northern New York, USA

Make the most out of your waterfront business property with long-lasting custom docks in Ottawa from Dock'Rite Boat Lifts Ltd. Our team excels in designing, fabricating and installing customized floating dock systems. We also offer customized solutions depending on your budget and requirements. You can rely on our on-site consultation to devise practical ideas and solutions. We depend on state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to meet every intricate detail.

Custom Docks: Built to Perform

Our custom docks are built to offer ultimate durability and versatility. Everything we build stands season after season, decade after decade. Our focus is to build a dock that is durable, maintenance-free and matches your business. Furthermore, our commercial docks are engineered to withstand severe weather and heavy traffic.


Get in touch to share any design and your requirements with us.