Traditional Docks in All of Ontario, Quebec, and Northern New York, USA

Traditional docks are lightweight and durable. These docks are designed to offer maximum leg adjustability and can be used to adjust the dock height based on the full length of the leg. We offer a range of decking choices for traditional docks such as white aluminum decking, aluminum woodgrain decking and more. These types of decks are easy to install and remove. Contact us to learn more about traditional docks in Montreal and surrounding areas, Ottawa, Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Individual Dock Frames

Our individual dock frames include:

  • 4' x 10'

  • 6' x 10'

  • 8' x 10'

Standard Features

A few of the standard features include:

  16" leg sleeve for greater stability with setscrew adjustment at bottom of sleeve
  Non-slip top edge of dock frame
  Aluminum legs available in lengths 2' to 10' with large base pads
  Stainless steel hardware
  2 pre-assembled decking panels
  2"x4-5/16" outside frame and 2"x3" inside stringers on a 10' section
  Two 5' long decking panels per 10' section for easy installation and removal
  4-1/4" panel clips per 5' panel to hold wood securely to dock frame
  Wood panel does not hold frame together. It is a one-piece solid tubular frame with no under-webbing
  2"x2" square let into a 2-1/2"x2-1/2" square leg sleeve
  Simple dock-to-dock connection for easy configuration for I, F, L, or U, requires a simple bolt not a special bracket that can be lost
  Lightweight and maintenance-free
  Welded and not bolted 10' long aluminum tubular maintenance-free dock frames with no dock webbing
  A torsion-free and no twisting dock design for easy installation and removal
  Traditional docks require much longer dock legs to accommodate minimum to maximum water depth fluctuations
  Telescopic dock leg braces can be added for stability
  Dock legs are easily adjustable. Dock legs in pairs 2' to 10' in height

Decking Choices

Some of the decking choices we offer our clients are: